Project Summary

A growing number of children and adults with disabilities use and benefit from animals that assist, support or perform tasks or services for them; and, they often encounter difficulty when  trying to rent an apartment, dine at a restaurant, attend a movie or seek medical care or legal assistance. The Iowa Civil Rights Commission retained the Law and Policy in Action team to research federal and state laws, court cases and agency decisions to clarify the rights and responsibilities of persons with disabilities, landlords, business owners and public agencies. The report and recommendations are being used by the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commision to bolster the local civil rights code. The state civil rights commission is using the report to review and consider updating its regulations and its authorizing statute.

Project Reports and Documents

Initial Project Letter to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission docx

Comparative Study: Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals under the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act doc

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Survey of State Assistance Animals Laws Chart pdf

Survey of State Assistance Animals Laws Chart xls

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