Project Summary

Many civil rights agencies use undercover testers to detect discrimination in housing and public accommodations. The Iowa Civil Rights Commission retained our services to explore testing programs that are designed to uncover and eliminate employment discrimination. These programs typically involve trained individuals who pose as job applicants with carefully crafted, fictitious identities. They submit electronic or paper resumes, apply for jobs in person or by telephone, and participate in face-to-face job interviews- with no intention of accepting employment- for the sole purpose of determining whether the employer is unlawfully discriminating. The report provides a primer on tester programs and a comprehensive look at how litigators, agencies and companies have used testers for enforcement, education and research; it also addresses ethical and evidentiary concerns.

Project Reports and Documents

Special Report Cover Letter pdf

Special Report Table of Contents doc

Special Report to the ICRC Employment Testers doc

Special Report To The ICRC Employment Testers (unpaginated) pdf

Table of Contents of Appendix docx

Significant Articles docx

Significant Interviews docx

Timeline of Testers in the Courts docx

Timeline of Employment Sector Tester Studies docx

Operations Manual for Employment Testing pdf

Testing Guidance for Practicioners pdf

Tester Response Form pdf

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