Project Summary

The Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission initially asked us to review the existing code, bring it in line with state law, and research best practices. The project's mandate was expanded to include adding disability-related protections for patrons of public accommodations, streamlining the investigation and dispute resolution process and making the language of the code consistent without overhauling it. After the floods of 2008 our focus shifted; law students conducted comparative law research and drafted provisions that would outlaw housing discrimination based on lawful sources of income, provide across-the-board coverage for other protected classes, define and provide guidance about animals used by persons with disabilities, and hold companies more accountable for failing to design or construct buildings to meet minimum accessibility features. The complete history of this ongoing project is chronicled in the Project Reports and Documents Section.

Project Reports and Documents

Fact Sheet: Proposed Changes to Cedar Rapids Civil Rights doc

Chart: Civil Rights Protections In Cedar Rapids docx

Letter Requesting that HUD certify the Ordinance docx

Student Legal Interns Assigned to the Project

Patricia Meier
Michelle Croft

Emily Evers
Andrew Ward
Liz Van Deusen
​Mingzhao Xu
Lauren Hansen
Jayne Lady

John Crees
Jude Pannell
Jacob Dunshee

Ashley Marr
Jessica Susie
Jacob Wicks

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Jessica Susie


Ashley Marr

Ashley Marr
Student Legal Intern

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